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Click… Jim, I have fast and easy way for you to share the ZL1 Supercar videos with your friends, family, and car guys. Just go to my web site: www.VarietyVideosLLC.com At the top of the page on the right side, just click on the Supercar tab, and it will take you to a page created especially for J.D. That’s all you have to do. Simple! Harley

A pal of mine (Harley Kruger) is doing video production in his retirement.

He can do anything you want & put it to music.

Weddings, car collections, anniversary celebrations or most anything.

Please notice how he applies the frames to the beat of the music.

My favorite is ‘Chrome Empress’ – Vaughn’s chrome horse from old car bumpers & parts.

Contact info –

Harley Kruger – Balsam Lake, WI 715-485-9426

E-Mail – harscars@yahoo.com

Search You Tube for ‘KDawgFilmz’

You won’t be disappointed. Jim Smith

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Click Chrome Empress video – awesome!

Dave Frank at the Nevada Appeal did the legwork and uncovered the backstory behind the Chrome Horse. It’s named “Chrome Empress” and was commissioned by the owners of the house it’s parked in front of, Chryse and Vaughn Veit. It was sculpted out of car bumpers by an artist who would rather remain anonymous. They normally haul it around to various car shows, but since they’re at home this week the horse is here with them. It will be leaving again after this week to go on tour, and then it will find a permanent home in Minnesota, where the couple has stables. I think it would have been great to have it on display in Carson City somewhere, maybe in front of the newly-renovated Carson City Fairgrounds.

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KDawgFilmz, located in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin, has been producing videos since 1986.

Productions include Weddings, Anniversaries, Documentaries, Promotional Videos, and Photo Montages.

KDawgFilmz is “Making Memories For A Lifetime”.

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Erling Jensen ‘Old Car’ Collection

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