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2002 GMMG Performance Edition #28 (Sunset Orange Metallic)

Sold – November 4, 2013 – Steve – Oklahoma

I have been busy gathering a number of things to make the car correct – just like it came from GMMG.  (Windshield numbers, correct TQ II’s, PE Car Cover & other misc. items) 

The original owner took great care preserving the car & sent it to Matt many times for little upgrades & detailing.

He decided to do the Phase 2X-6 – 500 hp upgrade in 2007. 

PE #28 has 43,705 miles BUT only 4k on the new engine upgrade.

2X-6 is the Phase 2X upgrade with LS6 heads making 500hp.

MSRP was $49,215

The original owner traded the car in (plus ’70?? Z-28) for a new ZL1 Camaro.

There is a lot of documentation.

The correct GMMG wheels will be going on the car.

This is a high performance GMMG with 500hp that will run with the big dogs.

April 16, 2013 – I finally got the correct GMMG American Racing Torque Thrust II wheels on the car. 

I have new center caps on order because I just don’t think the ones I have are good enough.

Enjoy the photos with the new wheels.

On the road video – turn up the sound………..

Click – Stopping

Click – Driveway

Click – PE #28 Drive by

One of fifty PE’s built

Only Sunset Orange Metallic (SOM) built so it’s 1 of 1

Matt was building some high horsepower cars by the time the PE’s were built. 

Some ‘427’s’ & Phase 2X-6 like PE #28

Click – PE #28 start

Click – Tach & speedo – going through the gears (easy)

43k miles on car – only 4k miles on engine upgrade

Click – PE #28 start #2

Click – Moving PE #28

Click – unloading video

To ‘camarosss’ who has been sending all the inappropriate e-mails……….

You screwed up – should have put a deposit on the car if you really wanted it.

Your name is ‘toast’ with the GMMG owners.

To bad – so sad – you loose!  Go bother someone else.

Here’s some history to share with everyone…………………..

Information is posted to expose him so others are aware of this guy.  People like this give the hobby a bad name & he is not welcome on this site & has been blocked on other sites because of his run ins with other GMMG owners.

December 14, 2012 –

I have removed the photo of Berger SS #80 because of the nasty e-mails I have been receiving.  He got upset over a car I bought that he didn’t put money down on.

I’d suggest staying away from ‘camarosss’.   He’s had issues & run ins with a number of GMMG owners, bad rapped Matt Murphy on other sites & now it’s my turn.  Gotta love the colorful use of the English language.  Check out the history on the GMMG Forum…………..


Here’s the link to see what others have to say……… http://forums.gmmgregistry.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=195


From: Wayne
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2012 7:29 PM
To: info@gmmgregistry.com
Subject: SOM PE

I think I’ve given you enough time to call me and I know your the person
that purchased the GMMG PE today from Everette Chevrolet. I just wanted you
to know that me and another salesman (Heath McPherson) has been working on
me purchasing this car since yesterday (I WAS FIRST IN LINE!) and I was
leaving the bank with the check this evening when he called to tell me the
car was sold. I’m just an average Joe that wants one of these cars and not
some rich prick that just throws his money around like you. Do us all a
favor and fall off the face of the earth. Thanks for fucking my up my
holiday and I hope the fucking car burns to the ground. The next time you
see one of these cars for sale Back The Fuck Off and give someone else a
chance to own one because I know the ones that you have will never be bought
because they are all OVER PRICED. JACKASS!!!!!


December 17, 2012 – I’ve received more e-mails & this just goes on & on.  Beware if you have any dealings with this guy.  (‘camarosss’ on LS1 Tech)

‘Lol now you’re just flat out lying to people just like half the info on your cheesy website.’

Keep sending e-mails & I’ll just keep posting them so everyone can see who you really are.  People like you give the hobby a bad name.

Dec. 29th – More e-mails &  threats ……..  They don’t work with me………might as well find someone else to bother. ………….

……………….’You have five days to remove the following from your website or further criminal action will be filed against you:    I never gave you permission to put my car on your website.’

Photo was removed long ago & this isn’t the only site he is banned from.


He’s been in trouble before………….

http://ls1tech.com/forums/negative-trad … lland.html

Search LS1 Tech for ‘camarosss’ & see for yourself.

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Stay far away from camarosss (Wayne Holland)
I made a deal with Wayne Holland (camarosss) on the phone on 1-27-11 for me to purchase an 02 Tahoe from him. I was to fly to Atlanta, GA from OKC, Oklahoma on 2-5-11 to pick up the vehicle. He promptly responded to all my texts and calls all the way through 2-2-11. On 2-4-11 I tried to touch base with him to make the final arrangements for him to pick me up on the 5th in Atlanta. He hasn’t responded to any texts or calls. So he cost me almost $500 in airline, hotel, 2 Carfax reports because he gave me the wrong VIN the first time, and finance charges for the loan to buy the vehicle. Dude couldn’t even find the nerve to just tell me he either sold it out from under me or just decided to keep it. He also told me the vehicle had never been wrecked and he was the only owner. He told me this twice, once in a text and once on the phone. That was a LIE. The Carfax showed that the vehicle had in fact been wrecked on 3-1-03 and had a 2nd owner on 10-22-09.

Here is where he has it for sale on Craigslist. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/cto/2138732830.html

I guess he decided to delete the post here since he flaked out on our deal on Tech.

I have all the text messages between us and the carfax reports to backup anything that has been posted here.

Not cool Wayne, not cool.

………….feedback from others………

(I sent this to Wayne)      I could of bought car at any time.. I drove it, wrong color & to much hp..  I posted it on the GMMG forum for all to see… Jim contacted me about car & I told him what i thought… JIM TOLD ME UPFRONT !!, if i wanted car, he would step aside…  I didn’t want it.. a deposit would of got you the car…. my 2 cents, from time i saw the car to it being sold was like 2 days… got to act quick.. !!! good luck on your search, I am looking for one also…

‘camarosss’ – Wayne Holland – You fail to realize that when you go after any GMMG owner you are taking on all GMMG owners.  We are united, strong in numbers & won’t allow anyone to get away with actions like this.  The entire GMMG community is against you now.  You continue to burn bridges & good luck if & when you ever decide to sell your car.  You’ve eliminated all the GMMG owners & everyone will spread the word to any prospective buyers.   It really shows everyone the kind of person you really are. Threats won’t work. Get a life!

I’m in agreement with Jim…………………..I got into it with this jerk (Wayne Holland aka camarosss on LS1Tech) several years ago on LS1Tech because he was bashing Matt Murphy, GMMG, and the GMMG cars. At the time, he received a 30 day vacation (he was banned) from LS1Tech. If you do some research on LS1Tech…………….you will find that others have had problems with him too including Mark (LateBrakeU2 here on this forum board) . Wayne…………I know you are “lurking” here on this forum board………………………you just need to get a life. Seek professional help and turn your life around and maybe you’ll have some friends some day. I seriously considered buying this car too that Jim purchased from Everett Chevrolet in Hickory, N.C. Glad I didn’t now because I wouldn’t have wanted to go through the harrassment that Jim is going through with your private messages on LS1Tech and your constant emails to him. It all boils down to the old saying……………”Snooze………..ya loose”. Wayne had the same opportunity to purchase this car as Jim did, as Jeff did, as I did, etc. Jim stepped up to the plate and Everett Chevrolet sold the car to him…………………it’s just as simple as that.

Only a coward would send these kind of e-mails & never call.  Go away!


Have you heard the expression, “Money talks and BS walks”? That’s the situation we have here. Wayne should have put money down on the car so no one else could buy it. Now all you hear from him is a bunch of BS. Everything he is saying about Jim is untrue. Jim is the greatest guy in the world!

Thanks for the support everyone.


I was speaking with my attorney about a couple of other things & mentioned this.  He said to save his e-mails & I already have enough information to take legal action.  If I receive any more e-mails from Wayne I’ll be forced to call the District Attorney in GA & he can give him an official  ‘time-out’.   I have his name, phone & address so this would be an easy thing to do.  I’d rather not do it this way but if I don’t have any other options I’ll be forced to take these actions.  I’m retired so I have plenty of time to deal with this as needed.  Jim


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