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CETA Blackbird #4 (380 hp) is just the way GMMG built it & has not been modified in anyway.

1 of 10 GMMG 2002 CETA Blackbird’s built (Car #4) 

1 of only 4 T-Top CETA Blackbird’s built

(Collector Edition Trans Am) – RARE Z15 CETA Option

Yes, this is the real deal!

Delivered from Carl Black Pontiac – Kennesaw, GA on November 28, 2001 with 79 miles

380hp LS-1 – 6 speed – Smoke Glass T-Tops – Collector Edition Interior (mats & seats) –

GMMG Open Chamber Exhaust

Click – Sandy taking CETA BB #4 to work April 31, 2012

She should have gotten on it!!!!  BUT she has a job – yea!

Click – CETA Promo Video

Click for Matt signing

Click – CETA Promo Video

Click for Matt installing GMMG Badge

Let me start by stating that I have all the GMMG files & records for this car. 

It’s the ‘real deal’ & 1 of only 4 CETA Blackbird T-Tops built.

Most people have no clue about how rare & collectible this car is.

GMMG Door Tag # 21085

Torque Thrust II Wheels


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