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GMMG Brickyard Dick Harrell Performance Edition #4 For Sale

This is a GMMG Wildcard & is 1 of 1 Brickyard Convert.  Only 2 total DHPE’s built = #12 is red

3,600 miles since the GMMG upgrade

Matt delivered car back to Wisconsin Oct. 15, 2009, when he visited me to sign my cars

21xxx total miles today

400hp – Automatic that has been reprogramed for quick & solid shifts  (closer to 425hp with GMMG Headers)

All take off parts go with the car

If you have been following GMMG’s the last couple of years you how they have increased in value.  A solid investment.

June 20, 2023 – BY #11 is on e-Bay right now for $45k & does not have any of the GMMG upgrades.

Price $42k  – Jim Smith  – GMMG Registry – daytonajim@gmail.com  – 715-528-0898

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2002 Camaro SS Z7D Convertible (Z7D = 2002 Brickyard 400 Festival Camaro)

VIN: 2G1FP32G022158625

Miles to date (6/9/2020) = 20k miles – Current mileage – August 2022 is just under 21k

Z7D Camaro History

  • Total 57 Z7D’s built.
  • 1 Z7D built on 5/3/02, the remaining 56 Z7D all in one day on 5/30/02
  • Only 43 of the 57 Z7D’s were used for driver introduction (Had the driver’s name on the hood)
  • All 57 Z7D’s were Automatics except 5 cars were 6-speeds.
  • The cars were assigned to the driver’s based on how they qualified for the race

#4 Z7D Camaro History

  • VIN: 2G1FP32G022158625 = Z7D is #4
  • #4 Z7D was assigned to Robby Gordon
  • #4 Z7D was sold at Bergstrom Chevrolet in Neenah WI
  • #4 Z7D was traded in by Arthur Strook of Fond Du Lac sometime in 2007.
  • My family bought Brickyard Z7D #4 from Van Horn in Plymouth WI as a used vehicle.
  • Took delivery of Z7D #4 on 9/17/2007
  • Total miles when purchased on 9/17/2007 = 17,255 miles

GMMG History with #4 Z7D Camaro

  • Visited Matt Murphy and GMMG in Marietta GA on 10/10/2007
  • Matt and I discussed building a “GMMG” 35th PE package for our Z7D #4 to mimic the 35th PE Z7D #56, and #58
  • Matt did not want to build anymore 35th PE Camaros to respect the current owners
  • Originally, Matt was working with GM High Tech Magazine (GMHT) to put together another package, this package would be similar to the 35th PE package
  • Deposit given to GMMG on 2/2008
  • Z7D #4 was shipped to GMMG on 5/2008, Matt Personally picked it up with an enclosed Trailer
  • The GMHT fell through months later and the DHPE package was developed
  • Matt Murphy decided to develop another package called Dick Harrel Performance Edition (DHPE).
  • Only one other Camaro (red hard top) got the DHPE package
  • We made sure the DHPE #4 was assigned to our #4 Z7D.
  • Matt Delivered DHPE#4 (#4 Z7D) on 10/15/2009
  • GMMG had possession of Z7D #4 for nearly 1.5 years

Specifics of DHPE package DHPE #4 Package Consists of

  • Same package as the 35TH PE package only the base HP was 400hp, not 380HP
  • The difference was the addition of Dynotech SS Headers with Cats/ Y-pipe
  • DHPE Specifics include:
    • Silver face Gauges
    • 400HP stickers on hood
    • Dynotech Headers, cats and Y-pipe
    • 35TH PE Floor mats (For coupe, not convertible)
    • Air Cleaner Lid with 400HP Sticker
    • DICK HARREL Cloisonné fender emblems below “SS” on fender instead of the “35th Cloisonné Fender emblems
    • DICK HARREL Cloisonné Emblem on rear tail panel
  • Items never received:
    • Key Fobs
    • Dash Plate
    • Window Sticker
    • (2) 35th Fender Cloisonné Emblems

What is included in with the DHPE #4

  • All the Take off Parts GMMG Removed to install the package
    • Complete Exhaust
    • Springs/Shocks
    • Heads (Matt replaced the heads since the valve guides seals were leaking)
    • Brake Calipers
  • 2002 Brickyard 400 collectables
    • See Pictures)
  • 35th PE Floor Mats
  • 35th PE Red Car cover
  • E-mail traffic between Matt and I from the day I visited until the day the Camaro was Delivered
  • Z7D Paperwork
  • Brickyard 400 Festival License Plate, the correct #404 plate
  • Brickyard 400 “Tyvek” envelop with all documentation and matching VIN on envelope
  • Original Window Sticker with “Robby Gordon’s” Signature
  • Lots and Lots of additional items/paperwork

Jim Smith purchased August 1, 2021 for his Pace Car Collection.