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2001 Indy Brickyard Convert #1

COPO Special Event GM Build – May 22, 2001 – Order # DFWDFGX

NHRA used #1 for their 50th Anniversary May 24-27, 2001 @ Heartland Park, Topeka Kansas

Delivered to EAN Holdings, LLD – Indy for Brickyard Conversion June 25, 2001

2001 Brickyard Car #1 assigned to Mary Hulman George @ Indy for August 5, 2001 Brickyard

Delivered to Purifoy Chev. Fort Lupton, CO on September 4, 2001

Larry C purchased it from Purifoy.  ???  (Working on verification of this point ???)

Larry shipped #1 to GMMG in Marietta, GA (verifying this)

GMMG Upgrade was completed October 13, 2003 by Mike Carnahan

Performance Edition upgrade @ GMMG

Phase IIX / 475hp+

Converted from Auto to 6-speed

I am working on the history of PR1.

If anyone has more info or photos, please email me @ daytonajim@gmail.com


GMMG upgraded to Phase IIX/475hp….

Link…………  #PR1 PE Brickyard Convert – The GMMG Registry Forum

PR1 checks all the boxes off for me…………..

It’s a ‘real’ Pace Car assigned to Mary Hulman George @ Indy

It’s a 35th Anniversary

It’s a Convert

It’s a 6 speed

It’s Red

It’s a GMMG Phase IIX/475hp

It’s joining my Pace Car Collection in April 2021

April 1, 2021

Invoice – Before Phase IIX/475 & conversion from auto to 6 speed.