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Sept. 13, 2021 – 8,462 miles

Just arrived this evening an hour ago – Sept. 14, 2021 – Looks great!

Hear it run …    Sound: Camaro SS with Tom Henry Racing Exhaust – YouTube

Review: 2012 Chevy Camaro SS 45THR – Bing video



From Tom Henry

November 13, 2021

THR#11 info from Tom

I put together a package for you.  I put an original bill of sale and a mileage statement.    I put a copy of my notes while we were building it you will find interesting.

I cut a windshield banner apart to mail but you can just piece it back together. I put my original business card that would have come with the car and my new one in also.

I believe I built 3 coupes, yours mine and 1 other in the 45THR scheme. My car does not have the cam though but I did a chambered pipe instead.  The other 2 cars have the blue lighted bowtie on the rear but on yours the guy wanted a retro SS emblem. He also did not want the windshield banner.

Cam bumped THR#11 to over 525hp.

I built about 19 6th gens and I may do a final edition 23 if there is enough interest.   I’d like to hear about 23’s if you do them.  Wild Cherry

Thanks Tom.  I appreciate all the paperwork & documentation.  Jim

MSRP – Tom Henry – $12,690

GM MSRP:     $38,295

TOTAL:  $50,985