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Video of 3 ‘real’ Pace Cars on the road – first time ever together –


The search for the ‘REAL’ 2000 Daytona 500 GTP Pace Cars

2000 daytona 500 pace car – Bing images

The first race of the ‘new millennium’

                     The four ‘REAL’ Pace Cars were sun-roof delete

                     2000 replica cars were built by Pontiac & all had sun-roofs


The four cars were ‘Special Build’ cars & never assigned or sold through a Pontiac Dealer.  They were assigned to the GM Heritage Collection & Pontiac Racing in Warren, MI.  Three of four ‘REAL’ Pace Cars are currently in ‘The Jim Smith Collection’.

                    #0029 Split-field car – owned by George Tuominen

                    #0031 Lead/camera car – owned by ‘The Jim Smith Collection’  2,515 miles

                    #0045 1 of 2 with correct graphics – owned by ‘The Jim Smith Collection’  15,617 miles

                    #0058 2 of 2 with correct graphics – owned by ‘The Jim Smith Collection’ 4,748 mile

                    There is a fifth car…………..

                   #0043 is at Daytona Archives & never got the graphic/light conversion

#0031 History & Facts

#0031 was the Lead Camera Car for 2000 Daytona 500 & 2000 Pepsi 400

#0031 has been in the GM Heritage Collection since 2000

#0031 was released for sale by GM at 2009 Barrett-Jackson – Palm Beach 

          The car was sold on Friday – April 10, 2009  –  Lot #416

Jay Weidner from Texas purchased the car & called me.

All GM Heritage Cars were sold with a ‘Salvage Title’ or ‘Bill-of-Sale’

#0031 had a ‘Salvage Title’ & retained the correct Neeper Shadow Wheels with Good Year Eagle F1 Fiorino tires

To insure 100% authenticity the camera mounting tape and wire clips have been left on the car. We are currently trying to locate camera housing for the roof.  Fox Sports did the broadcast.  If anyone knows where we can find this camera housing, please contact us. (Camera can be seen in overhead photo)

The door graphics were changed for the Pepsi 400 Race              (See photos)

Jay & Jim Smith visited a number of times over the summer & into fall 2009. 

Jay found another car and thought the car should be with #0045 & #0058 as part of the collection.

#0031 joined ‘The Jim Smith Collection’ & arrived in Wisconsin Saturday evening – September 12, 2009.  It’s a welcomed addition

2000 Race Facts    

Buster Auton drove the Pace Car (#0031)

Jackie Joyner-Kersee was the Honorary Starter

Sam Gibara from Good Year was the Grand Marshall

Dale Jarrett won the race under caution

Bobby Labonte was the highest finishing Pontiac (6th place), signed the dash & went on to win the 2000 NASCAR Championship

Dale Earnhardt, Sr. finished 21st


Dale Earnhardt, Sr. liked to bump the back of the Pace Car during caution laps just to let them know he was there.  Rumor has it that Dale bumped the left rear bumper (left of license plate – on blue graphic).  I have not found the video clip or lap # yet when this could have happened?  True or not, it makes a great story.

Video’s – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8JkWGn2HLs




More information & photos @:  http://www.daytonapacecars.com/id24.html


Submitted by:          Jim Smith    1925 120th Street               Balsam Lake, WI  54810

E-Mail:         jimsmt@lakeland.ws           September 21, 2009



0031 (Lead Camera Car) in action @ 2000 Daytona 500 


2001 Dale Earnhardt took Terry Bradshaw for a ride around Daytona the night before he was killed on the last lap of the 500.  Search You Tube for Fox video of Dale & Terry.

Daytona Crash Video from FOX –  Look at the Pace Car in the last frame.



Terry & Dale  Ride along –   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJKLn2jDWQw

0029 (George’s) Split Field car on the trach @ Daytona reunion 




0043 (the fifth car) that was never  converted.  Daytona used the car.

The only time the 3 ‘real’ Pace Cars were on the road together – 2014 – Jim Smith

Two ‘real’ 2000’s with 3 of 30 GTX Ram Air 1998 Replica’s – Jim Smith Collection

0045 & 0058

Brainard Raceway (Minnesota) called on one of the ‘real’ Pace Cars for their 40th Anniversary Celebration in 2008

BIR video’s –  






@ Daytona

Neeper Shadow Wheels