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1976 Lincoln Mark IV Lipstick Edition (special edition)

2,199 original miles 

Garage find (not barn find) Always inside

Sold ‘as-is’ with no implied warranty

Never touched – 100% original & survivor

Never even been touched up that I can see

Loaded with all the options – 5 Aluminum Wheels – AM/FM/Cassette

The only thing I found that does not work is the clock

I doubt you will find a survivor any nicer than the ’76 & it only has 2,199 miles

Car is neat & clean.  Minor detailing in engine compartment could be done.

Interior looks like new

Plastic is still on a couple of rear seat belts – rear seats – may never have been used?

Frame has some minor surface rust that can be cleaned easily.  I don’t think the frame was factory painted?

Floor boards have some minor surface rust that can be easily cleaned – no rust holes anywhere.

Paint shines but there is some spider webbing on top of hood, roof& top of trunk lid.  I’ve tried to take photos but they really don’t show it but I can see it.   Especially is good indoor lighting,

There are rock chips on passenger side front of hood.  There is some surface rust. Drivers side is OK.

Weather stripping, side moldings & fender well trim looks like new.

I have decided not to touch it up & keep the car 100% untouched & original.

Again, it is an unrestored survivor.

The new owner can decide what they want to do.

Window sticker – Broadcast Sheet – Brass Tag – & many other original docs

Two owners since new – less than 50 miles per year (I am the tired owner)

1st owner – Bought new in May 22, 1976 @ Schneider Lincoln Mercury in St. Paul, MN    I have original bill of sale, window sticker & many other docs.

Husband died less than a year after purchase & his wife put in climate-controlled storage for over 20 years.  She never drove it & hated the car.

2nd owner – a pal of mine – had it about 25 years & kept it stored.

He used to own a Chevy Dealership in MN.

He had his mechanic just went over the car – (August 2020) – rebuilt carb, changed fluids, checked everything, buffed, waxed & detailed

No fluid drips – Tires are like new – 2nd owner replaced them.

All storage has been inside since new & on a battery tender

This has to be one of the lowest mile & most original 76’s anywhere?

The car was just not driven very often.

It has been started at least a couple times a year while in storage & had short warm up drives (a couple miles) to insure everything was working OK.

The car really belongs in a museum.

November 29, 2020 

76 LIPSTICK from 2nd owner.

Jim — Hope you’re doing well — Let me tell you from the day I bought the car.

The car was in a small garage in St. Paul, MN and was owned by an elderly lady (Bernice Hoff) I think was her name. She told me that her husband bought the car in ST. Paul and she hated the color and would not be caught dead in it.  Her husband passed away a few months later and she keep it in their garage.  Every once or twice a year she would take it to the local gas station and they would check it over and wash it and change oil + + .

A good customer of mine worked at the station part time and told me about this Lincoln and said I should buy it – well I did and when I picked it up the tires were flat from not driving it much, I replaced them.

Through the years I never drove it much and stored in a garage with it covered (not heated) in Belle Plaine, MN with a number of my other old cars, trailers, snowmobiles and hunting equipment.  I would have my shop look after it thought the years (they put more miles on the car than I did) and then I would drive it once in a while.

I thought I would sell it just because I never used it and when you we’re looking at it, I had 2 other buyers giving me offers and decided to sell it to you.  I was going to bring it down here to the Auction BUT didn’t want to go through the BS.

The miles are true (2,178 miles) – the car cover one of my employees must of took it – They bought it New at I think Schneider Lincoln-Mercury in St. Paul – you have a part of the window sticker – I think with the list price.

Leslie got Covid 19 on about Oct. 24th so they canceled the surgery and hope to have it done in Jan or Feb in MN.  See you when you get down here.  Enjoy the Lincoln – whatever you do with it and whatever you sell it for BUT the miles are actual and I was the second owner – as far as service records there are none.


November 22, 2020 – a note on value from LCCE – UK –    https://lincolnclub.eu/about-us

Hi Jim, I will present it next weekend on the LCCE website and send you the Link. I was too busy this weekend but forwarded it already to our club president.

If this is all real and if I had only some money left, I would not take me 5 minutes to think about your offer, 30000$ for such car. But your right, this car belongs into a museum in US, https://www.lincolncarmuseum.org would be a good place. For me that car is worth double or even triple of what you are your asking. Really hope it will find a good home.

How many Lipstick Editions were built?  I am not sure.  Some say between 100 & about 150 with most being white.  Not sure how many red?

How many are left?  Again, unclear – maybe around 50?

………from the Internet………

The “Lipstick Edition” was part of the highly successful designer series of cars produced in 1976. It is estimated that fewer than 100 of the Lipstick Edition Mark IV were produced, and you will be extremely hard pressed to find another like this vehicle. This is rare and collectible car!!!

It’s unknown how many “Lipsticks” cars were made, and estimates vary wildly – from 50-100 to up to 1,000 (which seems very unlikely).

 One of about 131 produced with this special
paint and trim option in 1976. Most Lipstick cars were White.
I think 70’s Lincolns are the best built cars of their era and undervalued for their quality and styling…