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SOLD – Dec. 18, 2020 – going to Mike in Iowa

2002 GMMG Hot Rod Edition Camaro #2000

16NSCC (17).jpg

Link with photos…………. http://www.daytonapacecars.com/id87.html

Built by GMMG for Hot Rod Magazine & sold from Berger Chevy in Grand Rapids, MI

1 of only 36 (plus 2 prototypes)

ONLY Navy Blue Metallic with Red stripe (1 of 1)


Phase II/435hp – 6 speed – Line-Lock – Sub-Frame Connectors

Special Hot Rod Edition two tone red/black leather interior

2000 (7).jpg

Fiske FM5 (17X9.5) Wheels………… (Just like the Dick Harrell ‘wide-body’ GMMG wheels). The wheels make the car POP & look so good!

2000 (1).jpg

GMMG Phase II Heads, Headers, GMMG Open Chambered Exhaust with Electronic Cut-out

GMMG Suspension & brakes

Bought from Original Owner –

HRE #2000 was very expensive in the day –

MSRP was $54,065 plus over $20k in new motor & recent mechanicals (over $74k).

2000 Chevy Fest – Chicago (now MCACAN)

New LS1

new 5.7.jpg
Smiths finished engine.jpg

New LS1 Short Block with new insides was built as a nice street motor putting out about the same horsepower. (See story below) – Over $15k in receipts
New Intake
New GMHP Clutch, disk & pressure plate
New brakes
Recent new tires…BFG g-Force TA – 275/40/ZR17
New Delco Battery

Mike Carnahan (built most of the motors for GMMG) did the final assembly & tune. The car is way faster than it was & so good.

HRE #2000 History

The original owner owns a Body Shop & restores & builds cars. He special ordered the car from Berger Chevy. I met him many years ago & always loved the car. It looks so good & was always ‘over-detailed’ in his body shop.

It has always been stored in a climate controlled environment & now in my GMMG Showroom.

The car has been driven & shown often & has a great history on at least 4 Power Tours & has attended the Chicago Muscle Car show many times.

19NSCC (1).jpeg

There are 37,047 miles on the car BUT only 500 test miles on a brand new LS1 block from GM. Let me explain…………..

I bought the car spring 2014 intending to drive it on the 2014 Power Tour (Long Hauler).

The first thing I noticed is the clutch was more of a race clutch & not a user friendly street clutch. I took the car to my GM mechanic & installed a new GMHP clutch, disk, pressure plate & all the other parts. ($1,500)

I headed out to Charlotte & the 2014 Power Tour & started tripping engine codes. shipped the car to Vengeance Racing (Mike built the motor while @ GMMG). It sat for 2 months with nothing being done because they were busy.

I had the car picked up & shipped to Parks Automotive near Madison, WI. Jim is a GMMG Car owner. They pulled the motor & sent it to his engine guy Warren. Upon inspection it was determined that the ONLY way to fix it right was to order a new LS1 block from GM. The engine was built with new parts & re-installed in the car. When it was first started there wasn’t any oil pressure. A defective oil pump was suspected.

The engine was dropped out again & sure enough the oil pump was stuck open. New pump & the engine went back into the car a second time. (over $16k in the motor alone)

The car was shipped to NicKey Chicago & Stefano & Corey reprogrammed the computer, ran it on the DYNO & dialed the motor in. It runs fantastic & smooth.I had problems in Charlotte &


For anyone not aware…. If your GMMG is running the ‘old-tune’ have it reprogrammed with the new software. Your car will run so much better. Vengeance Racing, NicKey or Berger Chevy can do this for you.

When NicKey was all done I picked the car up & drove it home to Wisconsin breaking in the motor. I drove it home for two reasons…….it’s an absolute blast to drive & I needed to know the motor was spot on. It is & the re-tune smoothed out the rough running between 1500 & 1900 RPM (like most Phase II & up GMMG’s).

For anyone that does not know me I do the GMMG Registry with Aaron Thornton & Jim Simon. JD passed away in October & he was also part of it. In addition I’ve owned over 17 GMMG’s & currently have eight in the collection along with 3 of 4 ‘real’ 2000 Dayton 500 GTP’s & a few other fun rides. Check them out @ http://www.daytonapacecars.com/id21.html

Why am I selling HRE? I have too many GMMG’s & not enough room. Now that I’m 76 I just need to cut back & find good new homes for a few cars. Take a look at my collection. If there is another car of interest let’s visit. (715) 529-0898. Every car in my collection is spot on perfect & just like GMMG built it. Ask anyone that knows me.

You know how to reach me.   SOLD – Dec. 18, 2020 – going Mike in Iowa

HRE #2000 could never be replaced for this money. HRE #2000 ‘talks the talk’ & walks the walk’ & is an amazing car to drive.

It’s just sooooooooooo faaaaaaaaaast!!! If you want an amazing GMMG to drive consider this one. No disappointments.