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1998 – 2003 Limited Production Trans Am’s

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Information from LS-1 Tech – Young Jedi 

After 35 years of domination in the American “Musclecar” market, both of the legendary F-Bodies (Camaro & Firebird) were to cease production in 2002. In response to this, and after seeing that there was no planned Firebird equivalent to the forthcoming limited production Camaro “ZL1” Supercar (in which Matt Murphy, the owner of GMMG, had just been given the approval from GM to build 69 of these special vehicles after months of hard work to bring the “ZL1” project to life), an upcoming design & tuner company Drekar ASV (American Specialty Vehicles) set it’s sights on paying homage to this piece of American heritage with it’s own Firebird Supercar, the “Z15”. 

Jan Oosten, a creative concept designer/producer along with his like-minded engineer brother, Kurtis Oosten (founders of Drekar ASV – both from a NASA/Aerospace family with a patriotic passion for American Musclecars) set out with their enthusiasm to make this new Supercar a reality. By contacting their longtime family friend Dan Edmundson (a manager of a Pontiac/GMC dealership who himself had co-produced the limited production “Banshee” dealership cars of the mid to late 90’s and had already supplied numerous F-Bodies to the family over the years) they managed to get some of the very first “Collector Edition” Firebirds coming down the GM pipeline for this new project.

With Drekar ASV’s initial goal of converting only 35 “Collector Edition” vehicles (in which GM had only a few thousand produced to generally commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Firebird) to this 600HP performance and appearance package, the name “Z15” seemed fitting as this was already the GM “RPO” code designated to those Firebird “CE” cars. With some essential help in collaboration, build components, and overall insight from fellow enthusiast Matt Murphy (who had already put aside his beautiful 400HP pilot Firebird “Ram Air 6” project due to GM’s disbanding of the Pontiac Firebird Brand Team) and staff, the project was taking its first breaths in life.

This new Drekar ASV Firebird “Z15” Supercar started out as previously mentioned in “CE” form which was coming directly from GM in a Pontiac yellow “54U”. This color yellow had been previously used on the Firebird’s in 1994. This production “CE” yellow was a tad more “pale” than the pre-production “CE” car which was finished in a much brighter Corvette “Millennium Yellow”. It was immediately decided that the “Z15” would don an outstanding show car coat of the originally intended “CE” color Corvette “Millennium Yellow”. The pilot car was painstakingly disassembled and then painted piece by piece, completing the paint scheme with the addition of a black Pontiac style “arrowhead” to cleanly but accurately portray the aggressive nature of this ‘bird.

With its fresh new look upon reassembly, the engine was carefully reinstalled with specific “Z15” milled heads & upgraded internals to match the custom “Z15” Vortech Supercharger w/Aftercooler. From exhaust, programming, drivetrain, braking & suspension – all planted to the pavement with Goodyear Eagle F1 295-35 ZR18 Supercar tires – this vehicle is complete and bold in every detail. In keeping with its donor “CE” styling cues, the ebony interior was accented with silver, including the “Z15” specific instrument cluster. “Z15” key fob, floor mats, console badge, auto-dimming rearview mirror with temperature and compass – even a yellow “Z15” logo specific car cover – are just a few of the things that lead to an overall uncompromised setup.

After the pilot Firebird “Z15” was completed in its build, it was decided that it should be seen first by the people it was most built for: the Firebird enthusiasts. It was transported to the 2002 Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, Ohio – the largest Firebird show in the world – where the public was first introduced to this one of a kind ‘bird at that largest event, during the last year the F-Body was manufactured. In a truly honorary and unforgettable experience for all involved in the build, the “Z15” claimed first place prize in the Super-Street class.

The pilot Firebird “Z15” went on to be “officially” unveiled and autographed as well (signatures include Jan Oosten, Kurt Oosten, Matt Murphy, and Scott Settlemire) at the 2002 F-Body Celebration held Sept. 20th-22nd in Bowling Green, KY alongside some of the finest GM F-Cars to ever be produced, and also among some of the finest Firebird and Camaro enthusiasts. Truly trying to embody all that the Firebird represented to scores of enthusiasts for generations and being born in spirit of its brethren the Camaro “ZL1”, the Firebird “Z15” had come to life.

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Pontiac Firebird Bird of Prey Concept Car (2000) built by Sprewell Racing

Sprewell “Bird of Prey” Trans Am concept (2000) features two screaming chickens on the sides of the Bird of Prey pontiac firebird concept. Only two Firebird project vehicles were built, a convertible and a Trans Am t-top version, by Sprewell Racing (of the famed basketball player Latrell Sprewell).

Sprewell started with a Firebird WS6 convertible, chopped the windshield six inches, added a new front and rear fascia, side skirts and a full-width deck spoiler designed by Jame Stormes.

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99 30th Anniv        —     Production number #1190Only 1710 original miles  –  1999 30th Anniversary Trans Am Convertible Automatic

Car has never been in any outside element but a sunny day.  I am second owner and had this car for 3 plus years. The car sits in garage under cover.  Mostly only used to drive to car shows.

Car is completely all original.

 Only 1600 built in 1999 of Anniversary and 500 only were convertibles!!

Car was sold from the ‘Jim Smith Collection’ to a couple in New Brunswick, Canada August 21, 2009

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