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When I got out of the Navy in 1967 I ordered a 1968 Chevelle- Tripoli Turquoise –  ‘327’ – 4 speed – Posi – no power anything because I wanted to drive it for work & play @ the drag strip a couple times a week.  The car arrived, I picked up on Friday & immediately drove to Bemidji, MN to put some break in miles on it.  Won the first of many trophies Sunday running ‘H’ Pure Stock.  The car ran high 14’s in stock – street trim with no modifications.

I owned the car 33 years.  To this day (52 years later) it’s a survivor that is a matching numbers car.  The motor has never been apart.

One night we were at our snowmobile lodge in Wyoming drinking wine & one of the guys said he wanted to buy the car.  I said NO WAY!  A few bottles of wine later he owned the car.  When he got home to MN he gave Sandy a check & picked up the Chevelle.  I never saw the money or the car leave.  I still see it most every summer @ the Street Machine National’s in St. Paul.  Chris  continues to take exceptional care of the car.