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GMMG Hot Rod Edition #2000

Phase II / 435hp – 6 speed – 4:10 Posi – T-Tops

1 of 36 HRE’s built

August 8, 2015

The new LS1 spun a bearing…. another new block….

New LS1 with Forged pistons & rods & it will be right once & for all.

It just has to be right!

New motor vs. original motor discussion…………..

Some feel this is an issue.  You can look at it a number of different ways.

Over 25% of all the 550 GMMG’s do not have the orignal GM Engine they were born with.

GMMG removed the original factory motor & installed C5R 427’s & 454 engines in over 125 cars. 

Mike Carnahan (now with Vengeance Racing) & Ron Moen upgraded & built most of the GMMG motors & engine upgrades for GMMG.

Mike did the final work, test, tune & dyno work on HRE #2000.  He kept the engine just like GMMG would have done it.

I look at this as a huge plus…………  A GMMG with 39k total miles & over $20k in a new Mike Carnahan motor.

HRE #2000 is spot on & the best running GMMG I’ve owned.

Jim Smith 

October 10, 2015


Car was shipped to Mike Carnahan @ Vengeance because Parks couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t run.

The crank position sensor was finger tight instead of 22 foot pounds & the engine wouldn’t run.

Mike put 50 miles on – cut the oil filter apart – looked good.

He drove it more, reprogramed & Dyno’d the motor – cut oil filter apart again – OK

Mike said Thompson Motorsports built a great motor & eveything checks out 100%.

Finally after 3 motors & 16 months without the car I have some good news.



He knows the setup & tune becasue he built the GMMG motors originally.

Thanks Mike.


Vengeance Racing

241 Castleberry Industrial Drive

Cumming, GA  20040




I have over $20k just in the motor now.


 5.7 Aluminum Forged piston only short block

Balanced & Blueprinted GM block L33 core

King Racing main bearings

King Racing rod bearings

Thompson Motorsports single piece racing cam bearings

GM Nodular crankshaft turned core

GM connecting rods TMS remafactured core

Diamond – 2cc 3.902″

TMS performance rings

Melling Oil pump

Block is rated to 700HP

Gen III 24x

2,399.00 2,399.00T 

Melling Select High Pressure oil pump 10295 129.99 129.99T

Bottom end gasket set including:

Front & rear main seal & cover gasket, oil pan gasket, oil pump 0 Ring & water pump gasket set

129.99  129.99T

GM MLS head gasket 2 49.00  98.00T

Harmonic balancer

Roller rocker arms


Roller Tip Rockers

Built to GMMG Phase 2 – 435HP specs using original GMMG CNC Phase 2 Heads

October 2014 ……………..

Fresh – New LS1 short block – built back to GMMG Specs –

Phase II/435 hp

Reprogramed, Dyno’d & Tuned by Nickey – Chicago

March 3, 2014


HRE #2000 will be joining Jim’s GMMG Collection


Jeff Gassen & I have been pals for a number of years now & have had a lot of fun chasing each other on the Power Tour with his Hot Rod Edition #2000.

I’ve always loved the Navy Blue Metallic & Red Stripe paint & hoped to someday own HRE #2000.  Today is my lucky day!

It’s a Phase 2 – 435 hp with line lock, cutout exhaust special wheels & center caps.  This car flies & there are many You Tube video’s of this car.

#2000 has been on three Power Tours & I will be driving it on the 2014 HRPT – Jeff was the original owner.

Just had to visit Jeff & HRE 2000.

The Vette (’58??) will be the untimate ‘pro-touring’.  Jeff has owend it forever & has re-done it a couple of times before.


What makes HRE #2000 special?

One of 36 HRE’s (plus 2 prototypes)

Only Navy Blue Metallic with Red

New Phase II / 435hp LS1  – (Tuned & Dyno’d by Mike Carnahan @ Vengeance Racing)

6 speed – 4:10 posi – T-Tops

New GMHP  LS 7 Clutch

FISKE Wheels (like the Dick Harrell’s)

Custom machined Hot Rod Edition Center Caps

New tires & brakes

Dynamat sound deadning

Hot Rod Edition red/black interior

Hurst Line Lock

Electronic Exhaust Cutout

Upgraded Stereo


Unlike the original owner I drive HRE 2000 nice & easy.

No burnouts, no rev-limiter shifts & low RPM’s.

This car looks & drives amazing – the NBM/red paint is 1 of 1

The FISKE wheels are spot on. (Just like the wide-body Dick Harrell wheels)

Jim Smith

Jeff @ Berger Show – Year?


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