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GMMG Bobby Labonte Blackbird #38

GMMG BLACKBIRD’s from Carl Black Pontiac – Kenneswa, GA

The Bobby Labonte Blackbird #38

Click for #38 On the road video

Matt Murphy (GMMG) & Bobby Labonte

Delivery Day – April 19, 2002


Bobby Labonte Driving #38

Click here to hear the engine start & open chambered exhaust

Why was Bobby Labonte’s Blackbird numbered #38?

Bobby drove #18 (Interstate Battery) & teammate Tony Stewart drove #20 (Home Depot)

Add them together for #38

#38 BB is also White & Interstate green.

Great job Matt!

Click here to hear the engine start & open chambered exhaust

2002 GMMG Bobby Labonte Blackbird #38 of 50


#38 is 1 of 1


Why #38 is a very significant car in Pontiac History?

2002 was the last year for the TransAm.

Unlike the 2010 Camaro, no more TransAM’s will be ever be built.

TA’s are over & GM has pulled the plug on the entire Pontiac Division

#38 was a special car built for Bobby Labonte of NASCAR

Only 50  Blackbird’s were built.


#38 is the only White & Interstate Green Blackbird ever built.

Phase I / 380hp  –  6 speed – Sub Frame Connectors

NASCAR Long Tube headers with Open Chamber Exhaust


Why is GMMG & Carl Black Pontiac important?  (Kennesaw, GA)

GMMG built special TransAm Blackbird’s & Berger Camaro’s just like the Yenko cars of the late 60’s & 70’s

Just like SLP Firehawk’s & Camaro’s, Shelby & Rousch Mustang’s of today only in much smaller build numbers


Carl Black Blackbirds

The Carl Black Pontiac “Blackbird” Trans Am

Carl Black Pontiac GMC located in Atlanta, GA decided to take factory spec WS6 TAs and make a few special modified TAs for sale to the public. An excerpt from the original “Blackbird” web page follows:

“In February of 2001, Carl Black produced the first series of High Performance Pontiac Trans Ams in memory of the late Muscle Car Era. Our goal at Carl Black, was to produce a performance car that combines the nostalgic feel and sound of the Sixties with the technology, power, handling and style of today. The result was the Blackbird, the pinnacle of 35 years of muscle cars. Fifty of these specialty vehicles were sold to collectors and power enthusiasts across the Country.
Each Blackbird starts out as a stock Pontiac Trans Am WS6 Ram Air with LS1 5.7 liter V-8 engine, 6-speed manual transmission and Hurst shift linkage. Carl Black´s high performance modifications include a 380 horsepower / 400 ft lb torque engine package, short throw shifter, high flow air box lid, chambered cat back exhaust, front and rear Eibach 1.5″ lowering springs, dimpled front and rear disc brake rotors and Torq-Thrust II 17″ ARE wheels.

The Blackbird´s performance is very impressive, doing 0 to 60 mph in just 4.40 seconds, and turning the quarter mile in 12.87 seconds at 111 mph. The cat back 3 chambered exhaust system provides increased horsepower and an impressive note reminiscent of the late 1960´s muscle cars. The under-drive pulley system delivers 337 horsepower to the rear wheels. The dimpled rotors add additional cooling to the 4 wheel disc brakes, and the lowered suspension offers improved handling and control.

The Blackbird appearance package features dual 380 HP hood accent stripes, Blackbird Cloisonné hood and fender badging, Metallic Silver rear lower panel, all new silver face gauges on the instrument panel, nostalgic black shift ball, auto dimming rearview mirror with compass, Mobil 1 oil fill cap and decal, car cover and floormats with embroidered Blackbird logo.

Only 50 Blackbird’s were produced. Each car´s number is displayed on the windshield and rear view mirror, and is stamped on the engine and exhaust manifold. The Blackbird was only offered as a complete package, and only from Carl Black.”

GMMG was responsible for converting the TAs from their stock form to the Blackbirds that were offered for sale by Carl Black Pontiac. Visit their website for more information:  GMMG


Why I prefer the GMMG F-Body Blackbird TransAm’s & Berger Camaro’s?

Very low build numbers vs. SLP, Shelby & Rousch.

These cars will be/are the big dollar collector cars now & in the future

Performance is to die for & they will run low 12 second ¼ mile times in street trim at over 114mph.

This is far superior to any of my old muscle cars in street trim. T

hey handle like a dream with the tuned suspension is spectacular & they autocross, turn & stop on a dime

Highway mileage is 25-28+ mpg with the tach under 1,900rpm @ 70mph in 6th gear

I own & have owned over 125 GM cars Muscle Cars & Corvette’s over the last 45 years & the F-Body cars are so far superior that I have sold all but one (& it’s for sale right now)  of the older muscle cars. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the older muscle cars BUT the new F-Body GMMG Cars will outperform most all of them in street trim.


All the creature comforts:

Great looks, air, tilt, power steering & brakes, superior sound, leather/lumbar seats,  T-Tops or Convert’s



Why not own the rarest TransAm’s & Camaro’s on the planet?These cars are great long term investments like the Yenko cars of the late 60’s & early 70’s.

If you know of any GMMG Cars for sale, I’m interested.



New Blackbird’s could only be purchased from Carl Black Pontiac in Kennesaw, GA


GM Window Sticker:                                  $31,680

GMMG Blackbird Phase I Upgrade:       $ 8,930

Emissions Certification:                          $    100

GMMG Header Upgrade:                          $  2,095



Talk about a collector’s dream – car # 38 in a series of only 50 special built promotional Blackbird’s! Yes, the only car built for Bobby Labonte.!


Here’s the scoop – only 50 original Blackbirds were produced, and sold quickly by Carl Black Pontiac. Collectors and car enthusiasts realized the immediate collectability and rarity of these special Blackbird’s.

These cars were not the regular factory Ram Air WS-6 TA’s. and had the special performance modifications & badging from GMMG.The production run of these cars was very limited. (only 50)Black Hurst shift knob with short-throw performance linkage, Blackbird specific white gauge cluster, special Blackbird  Badging, custom Car Cover and Blackbird floor mats.


GMMG Blackbird’s represent the pinnacle of Pontiac’s all-American muscle – a thrill to own, show and most importantly drive!”


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