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Three of thirty GTX/GTP Ram Air Pace Car Replicas

#033 (Pete)   –   #1067 (RePete)    –   #1406 (ThreePete)

I have sold these three super rare GTX Ram Air Pace Cars.

1500 Replica’s were built BUT only about 30 are GTX Ram Air Cars. 

Only 200 had sun roof’s & only about 5 GTX’s had sun roofs.  #1406 has sun roof.

#033 (Pete) at Atlanta

#1406 (ThreePete)

#033 (Pete) at Daytona 2005

#1406 at Polaris 2007

033, 1067 & 1406 @ Milltown Car Show 2006

#033 at Daytona 2005

GTX/GTP Ram Air Daytona Pace Cars

033, 1067 & 1406

June 7, 2015

There is a guy named Jeff that is selling Pace Car #1278.

He says that there were only 4 Ram Air’s built & only 2 GTX Ram Air Cars got the full treatment.

I called him about this & he insisted there were only two.

I researched this in 2006 or 2007 – talked to SLP & it was determined the number is ABOUT 30 total Ram Air Cars & maybe about 5 had sunroofs.

Jeff said he visited with Jim Mattison & I have done the same.  At the time (a number of years back) Jim didn’t have the Pace Car information.

My research & information suggests only about 30 total may have been built.  SLP could not verify an exact number but close to 30 cars.

Why?  Many were special builds like my 3 of 4 ‘real’ 2000 Daytona Pace Cars & WERE NOT sold through a dealer.  They were special GM Builds.

SLP had authorized dealers & a few of them build Ram Air Replica’s.

I myself have owned three (#0033 – #1067 & #1406 with a sunroof)

This isn’t a big deal – all I’m attempting to do is report the correct information.

Jim Smith


GMMG Registry

Real 2000 GTP Pace Cars – Click

Reply from Don Keffe @ POCI explaining…………………… May 12, 2015


The owner of the car is GM designer Jeff Denison and his was among the first four built. For some reason, he doesn’t recognize the cars that were converted by authorized shops. His car was definitely built by SLP in Michigan.

This car is exquisite and I doubt that anyone will find a cleaner example.



…………… 2 of my 3 were done @ SLP & NOT at one of thier dealers.  Jim

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