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Click for HOT LAPS @ Bristol

Bristol Staging – Jim’s 01 Berger SS – 2nd car up in middle(white/orange)

Mothers El Camino (black/red) is 3rd car up in 2nd row

Charley Lillard’s 69 Camaro (yellow) is 5th car un 2nd row

Norway guys rented 2010 Camaro is 3rd up in middle row

Jim’s 01 Berger SS (white/orange) ran faster times than the Mother’s El Camino & Charley Lillard’s 69 Camaro

CLICK FOR – 09 Power Tour Berger SS @ Bristol – 12.51 E.T. @ 112.5mph

Click for 12.400 run @ Union Grove

Click for 2009 HRPT Burn Outs – Dayton

Click to see the Berger SS & the Wagon @ Bristol

Click for more burn outs in Dayton, OH

Click to see the Camaro & Elky run

Click for 69 Camaro Burnout

For more 09 Power Tour burnouts & drags search ……….

You Tube for 09 Power Tour – Union Grove – bristol & Burnouts

Click for Laps around Bristol NASCAR Track

Click – Info – Charley’s Car



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