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Welcome to ‘The Jim Smith Collection’!

Cars in the collection are multiple Show Winners and as close to perfect as possible! They are 100% correct, just the way they were built! See link @ bottom for photos.


I am a private collector. Now that I’m 76 I really need to continue selling a few more cars from the collection.

I’d really like to get down to about five cars. If you are interested in any cars, please make a reasonable offer and I will consider it.

The ‘Jim Smith Collection’ includes some of the rarest late model GMMG 4th Generation muscle cars anywhere.

(All GM — Pace Cars & GMMG)

#38 GMMG Bobby Labonte Blackbird (1 of 1)

#18 GMMG Dick Harrell (Organic Green)

#27 GMMG Dick Harrell (Vic Edelbrock)

#72 GMMG SS (Johnny Benson Chrome Illusion)

PRI GMMG Brickyard Convertible

DHPE #4 GMMG Z7D Brickyard Convertible

#54 GMMG DEI Intimidator SS

2012 Tom Henry Racing #11 – 45th Anniversary

Most of the cars are the only one like it.

All are Super rare, collectable, mint condition (museum quality)

3 of 4 REAL 2000 Daytona 500 Pace Cars including the LEAD Camera Car #0031 – #0045 – #0058

Daytona Pace Cars is dedicated to Daytona 500 Pace Cars, GMMG Cars, GMMG Blackbird’s, GMMG Berger Camaro’s, SLP Firehawk’s, Grand Prix GTP’s & GTX’s & Pace Cars

WestView on Crooked Creek Road is a vacation rental destination (lodge sleeps 10 & bunkhouse sleeps 4) near Dubois, WY. It’s on the CDST, near Jackson Hole, Togwotee, Yellowstone and high up in the Wind River Range.
Line Shack & Sawmill are less than a mile away. Snowmobile, Snow Ski, ATV, Hunt, Fish, Hike, Horseback Ride in the Wind River/Wyoming Mountains.

Daytona Pace Cars was originally dedicated to 1998 & 2000 Daytona 500 Grand Prix GTP’s.

My interests have changed over the years and I’m now including GMMG Blackbirds, GMMG Berger Camaro’s & SLP Firehawks.


I have been hooked on cars since I was 10 years old & learning to drive my grandfathers 1953 Ford Woddie Wagon. It’s been downhill since!

I’ve owned Corvettes, Muscle Cars, Pace Cars, El Caminos, Sedan Deliveries, many factory ordered GM Chevies, Pontiac’s & Caddys.

Once a car guy, always a car guy. Now that I’m in my mid 70’s I really need to cut down the collection.

You will notice cars for sale and sold from the ‘Jim Smith Collection’. EVERY car is special, well documented & very rare.

I’m just not interested unless it’s super rare (like 1 of 1 or 1 of a few).

My interest at this time is GMMG Cars. If you have one or know of one for sale, please let me know.

Thanks & enjoy!

Jim Smith AKA: daytonajim

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2021 C8 ZL1-3LT

2021 C8 ZL1-3LT