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NOTE:  Many people have sent me information & photos over the last few years.   
I've been attempting to pull things together in one place. 
If you find any errors, ommissions or mistakes, please e-mail me & I'll change it.  jimsmt@lakeland.ws
If you don't want your photo included, please let me know & it will be removed.

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GMMG is in Marietta, GA & built high performance Trans Am's (Blackbird's) & Berger Camaro's. 
Matt Murphy is the owner
Some of their cars............
Carl Black Trans Am Blackbird (52 built)
Carl Black 2002 Anniversary Edition Blackbird (19 built)
Carl Black 2002 CETA (Collector Edition TransAm) (10 built)
Berger SS Camaro (100 built)
Tom Henry SS Camaro (32 built)
DEI 2001 (Dale Earnhardt Intimadator) SS Camaro (83 built)
2002 35th Anniversary Performance Edition Camaro (52 built)
2002 ZL1 Super Car (69 built)
2002 Hot Rod Edition Camaro - HRE- (36 built)
Dick Harrell Edition Wide-Body Camaro '427' (30 built)

3/10/10 - I will be working on a GMMG Owners Registry /(site) after I return to WI after Easter.


October 18, 2009

Matt Murphy paid a visit Saturday evening & left for home about 12:30 Sunday.

My time with Matt was beyond words.  He has so much information to share.

We talked till way past 2:30 am & all Sunday morning.

Matt signed CETA BB#4, DEI #54 & SS #85 Convert.

In addition he brought some of missing badges & installed them on the CETA car (air box decal, rear bumper GMMG badge, ash tray plaque).

He took time to look at a few things on a couple of other cars.  I really enjoyed uncovering the 6 GMMG's & showing Matt.

I can't thank Matt enough for coming all the way from DePere, WI after delivering Derek's Z7D car.

The background information he provided was great & his knowledge of the GMMG Cars is spot on!

FYI:  GMMG is is business.  After visiting with Matt I now understand why it's so hard to get ahold of him.  When he is on the road he just doesn't have e-mail access & when he is with someone he gives 100% attention & does not answer his phone.  Yes, there have been changes @ GMMG & a decline like many business BUT Matt is still building great high performance GM Cars.

Again, Matt - A big thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule.

Jim Smith



Click - Interesting history

Matt Murphy @ Jim's house Oct. 18, 2009

Matt Murphy @ Jim's house Oct. 18, 2009

Matt Murphy @ Jim's house Oct. 18, 2009

Matt Murphy @ Jim's house Oct. 18, 2009

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Special Edition Cars from GMMG
In the late 60’s & early 70’s General Motors shipped a few ‘special edition cars out the side door of GM because management didn’t want these cars on the street.  They were called COPO cars (Central Office Purchase Order).  Typically they were ‘427’ stripped down, ‘go-fast’ cars. Companies like Berger; Nickey & Yenko were in the middle & increased the performance on a very limited number of Camaro’s, Chevelle’s & Nova’s.
Today’s ‘SUPER CARS’ come from companies like Rousch, Shelby, Saleen, Berger, Carl Black & others.  Much like the COPO, Yenko, Nickey, Berger cars from years past BUT with new ‘state-of-the-art’ technology………. They are very quick, handle spectacular, in general get great gas mileage and have all the creature comforts.
A small company in Marietta, Georgia (GMMG) built a very limited number of special high performance Camaro’s & Trans Ams.  The production is so low that they will / are the cars collectors and enthusiasts’ seek out for their collections.
50 - 2001 & 2002 Blackbird’s (+ 2 prototypes)
I understand 10 of the 50 were 2002 Year One Formula’s
19 - 2002 35th Anniversary Blackbird’s         
100 BERGER SS’s were built from 2000 – 2002
2000 – 30 plus 1 red prototype - #1-30     (25-T-Top and 6 Convert)2001 – 27 plus 1 blue prototype - #31-57   (26 T-Top and 2 Convert)
2002- 43 plus 1 white T-Top prototype- #58-100                         (3 B4C Coupe  27 T-Top  15 Convert)
HOT ROD EDITION CAMARO’S                       
36 - 2002 Hot Rod Edition (+ 2 prototypes)                        Numbered 1967 – 2002          
2002 GMMG “Performance Edition” SS (35th Anniversary)
52 cars were built plus two prototypes                     Both prototypes are automatic – 380hpAll other automatics are 350hp  6-Speeds are 380hp
                    22 - T-Top      30 - Converts      24 - Auto        28 - 6-Speed
All were #81 Bright RedEight Brickyard 400 convertibles were built with this package (8 of 30)
DEI INTIMADATOR CAMARO’S                  
81 (+2 Prototypes) 2001 Dale Earnhardt Camaro’s – all black
32 numbered cars were built          -      Three were 2001 models and 29 were 2002
           9 - B4C Coupe     17 - T-Top      6 - Convert 3 - Auto - (350hp)                 29 - 6-Speed - (380hp)       
One black coupe was painted 1969 Hugger OrangeFive coupes were six-speed with RPO B4C
69 ZL1 cars were built and sold through twelve Chevy Dealers.
All 69 cars were B4C coupes with 6 speeds2 were converted to Automatic in March 2002
30 Dick Harrell ‘wide-body’ Cars     (+3 prototypes )

** If you have new, updated or additional information and/or photos please E-Mail Jim @ jimsmt@lakeland.ws. 

This information has been compiled from a number of sources & there is always the possibility of changes.

Visit:  www.daytonapacecars.com



Click here for GMMG link


2002 Berger SS #85

1,850 miles - 380hp - 6 speed




Click here for GMMG Web Site



2002 GMMG Berger SS Convert #85

(1 of 1)  1,576 miles


2002 CETA Blackbird #4

(1 of 10)

Looking for information on GMMG Cars?

I have been compiling lists for a few years now & have a lot of information.  I cannot give out names of owners BUT I can provide car information.

I just might have info & maybe even photos.

Please send me photos & info of any cars that ARE NOT on the list posted under each GMMG Car catagory.




2001 DEI Intimidator SS #54

1 of 5 with ASR


2002 35th Anniversry Blackbird #19

#19 of 19 - Last BB Built

Phase IIX/475hp - Sold Sept. 2009







1 of 1 - ONLY automatic Phase IIX

Phase IIX - 475HP - Automatic




2002 GMMG BERGER Camaro #1975

Hot Rod Edition (1 of 36 built)

Only one red/black -  T-Top - 6 speed - (1 of 1)



2001 GMMG Blackbird #6

Phase II - 435HP - 6 speed - T-top (52 built)

1 of 1 (Only car Phase II NBM/red)   Sold July 1, 2008



Modified models: GMMG

  • GMMG Carl Black BlackBird (2001-2002) (In February of 2001, Carl Black produced the first series of High Performance Pontiac Trans Ams in memory of the late Muscle Car Era. Each Black Bird starts out as a stock Pontiac Trans Am WS6 Ram Air with LS1 5.7 liter V-8 engine, 6-speed manual transmission and Hurst shift linkage. Carl Black´s high performance modifications include a 380 horsepower / 400 ft lb torque engine package, short throw shifter, high flow air box lid, chambered cat back exhaust, front and rear Eibach 1.5" lowering springs, dimpled front and rear disc brake rotors and Torq-Thrust II 17" ARE wheels. The Black Bird appearance package features dual 380 HP hood accent stripes, Black Bird Cloisonné hood and fender badging, Metallic Silver rear lower panel, all new silver face gauges on the instrument panel, nostalgic black shift ball, auto dimming rearview mirror with compass, Mobil 1 oil fill cap and decal, car cover and floormats with embroidered Black Bird logo. There were only 50 380hp Blackbirds produced in 2001. There were only 50 380HP Black Birds produced for 2002.)
  • GMMG Carl Black Anniversary Edition Blackbird (2002) (There were only 17 380HP Anniversary Edition Black Birds produced for 2002. These cars were produced by GMMG for Carl Black Pontiac. These cars were priced around $45,000.)
  • Year One Edition Carl Black Blackbird 380 (2001) (50 Blackbirds were built by GMMG inc. for Carl Black Pontiac in Kennesaw, GA. Out of the 50, only 10 were numbered Year One Restoration editions.)
  • Year One Edition Carl Black Formula 435 (2002) (only 2 ever built. The fist car has been destroyed and this is the only one of its kind. Custom built by GMMG Inc, and used on the HOTROD POWER TOUR 2002)
  • GMMG Collector Edition Firebird prototype (2001) (Packing the appearance of the '02 Collector Edition (with some subtle differences) and the motivation of GM's LS6 Gen-III engine, this pilot vehicle was a proposed Firebird special package commissioned by members of GM's F-car teams and built by GMMG, Inc. This performance-oriented Firebird was based on the ZL-1 Supercar package GMMG was working on for the '02 Camaro. Along with the factory 1LE suspension parts, 18-inch rolling stock and interior upgrades, the heart of the ZL-1 package was the Corvette Z06's LS6 engine, which was swapped in place of the Firebird's V6. A used '98 Firebird V-6 car was purchased from a Texas Honda dealership to serve as the vehicle's base. In the close-yet-different category are the car's wheels and tires. Powder coated black, they look, at first glance, like the black wheels of the '02 Collector Edition. They're actually a quartet of Corvette magnesium 18x9.5-inch rear wheels, mounted on a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-Fiorano 265/40ZR-18 tires. Of course, the Formula-style bodywork emulates the Collector Edition, too, but isn't quite the same. The Formula-based Firebird nose is the biggest difference, but note also the black hardtop. As the '02 production versions of the Collector Edition were Trans Ams, they came either as T-tops or convertibles. The gauges boast "Ram Air 6" insignias, as do badges on the car's front fenders. The "6" designation ties in both with the LS6 engine and the idea of continuing the famed "Ram Air" engine designation of past Poncho performance mills. The car was sprayed with the correct Collector Edition Yellow paint. Original plans called for 35 LS6-powered Formulas like this prototype--one for each year of Firebird production--to be built by GMMG and sold through a select group of Pontiac dealers. Alas, the timing was not right. Ironically, this yellow prototype is resigned to F-car history, perhaps going down as one of the most collectible Collector Editions out there--car number zero of a production run that never left the gates.)