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The first race was held on the beach in Daytona.  Racers would drive their cars to Daytona, race & then drive them home (provided they didn't wreck). 

Daytona Speedway opened February 1959 & Lee Petty won the race.  The track is a 2.5 mile "tri-oval".

Richard Petty won Daytona seven times.

Cale Yarbourgh was the first driver to qualify over 200mph in 1984 & I was there.  I was so impressed I immediatly bought a 1984 Monte Carlo SS.

Bill Elliot holds the fastest qualifying lap @ 210.364 set on February 9, 1987 & I was there.

Unfourtunalty on February 11, 1994 I said hi (in passing) to Neil Bonnett the morning before he died in a practice crash.

Dale Earnhardt died February 18, 2001 on the final lap of the 2001 race while leading the race & protecting Dale Jr. & Michael Waltrip. (see photo below)

Click for Dale Earnhardt & Terry Bradshaw Pace Car pre-race ride! It's out of control!

2000 GTP Official Daytona 500 Pace Car - 4 built

Check out the site for more links to Daytona, GMMG and other cool sites.

#0031 Lead Camera Car (Jim) & #0029 Split-Field Car (George)

Click for Daytona 500 history link

Only four cars were built plus one non-graphics car.

#0029 Split-Field Car is owned by George


0031 Lead Camera Pace Car -Jim Smith Collection

2 of the 4 CORRECT REAL Pace Cars (The only four in the world!)

#0045 & #0058


Click for 0045 @ BIR 40th Anniversary.

Click for Daytona ISC Archives - photos & info


The First Daytona 500

On February 22, 1959, Daytona International Speedway hosted the first Daytona 500. The posted awards for the “500-Mile International Sweepstakes” totaled $67,760. A field of 59 cars took the green flag for the start of the 200-lap race. A crowd of 41,000 was on hand to witness the beginning of another chapter in the history of racing in Daytona.

The finish of the race also went into the history books. The finish was too close to call, but Johnny Beauchamp went to Victory Lane and savored the celebration although the results were posted as “unofficial.”

Sixty-one hours later, Lee Petty was the winner in what appeared to be a dead heat between Petty and Beauchamp – with the lapped car of Joe Weatherly making it a three-wide finish at the checkered flag. A clip of newsreel footage proved that Petty was the winner by a few feet.

The Daytona 500 – 50 Years And Still Growing

Fifty years later, the Daytona 500 is NASCAR’s biggest, richest and most prestigious race.

“The Great American Race,” which traditionally hosts a sell out crowd, has the biggest total payout in prize money for any motorsports event in the United States, surpassing the Indianapolis 500 and the Brickyard 400. The 2007 Daytona 500 posted awards exceed more than $18 million with race winner Kevin Harvick pocketing more than $1.5 million.

The perks of winning the Daytona 500 are more than just collecting the largest payout in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series or hoisting the prestigious Harley J. Earl trophy. Winning stock car racing’s greatest prize also brings fame and fortune.

“It’s the ultimate race,” said three-time Daytona 500 winner Jeff Gordon following his 2005 Daytona 500 victory. “There’s just no better place to win at than Daytona. You know the sport’s getting more competitive. It’s getting bigger and it’s just one of those races if you pick one, this is the one you want to win.”

Traditionally, following a victory in the Daytona 500, the winner goes on a whirlwind media tour that includes visits to New York City and Los Angeles with appearances on such a high-profile shows like “Late Show with David Letterman” and “Live with Regis and Kelly.”

In addition, the Daytona 500 winning car rests inside Daytona 500 Experience, “The Official Attraction of NASCAR,” for a year for race fans to view and the winning driver has his hand prints, right foot and autograph immortalized in cement at the Daytona 500 Champion’s Walk Of Fame.

Bill Davis Racing reaped a huge benefit after their 2002 Daytona 500 win with then-driver Ward Burton in the form of a sponsorship deal.

Caterpillar, who was in the final year of a sponsorship contract on the No. 22 car, opted to extend its sponsorship agreement and the Daytona 500 victory was a major factor in the decision.

“You hope it wasn't the only thing it was based on, but it probably made a difference,” Davis said. “The team that they believed in, the team they had been with for four years, had done them a good enough job that they would look at five more years.

“Certainly, winning the biggest race, winning the Super Bowl, winning the Masters, winning the World Series, didn't hurt.”

Besides the financial aspect of winning the Daytona 500, the victory can also elevate a driver’s status in the sport.

“Winning a race during Speedweeks, it makes you quite a bit more valuable, I think, in the sport as a driver,” said Dale Earnhardt Jr., the 2004 Daytona 500 winner. “Winning any race at Daytona, it’s like going into Yankee Stadium and winning a game. It further solidifies you as a driver.”

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Elliott Sadler has yet to win a Daytona 500 but knows the impact would be huge for his career.

“If you win the Daytona 500, it will stay with you throughout your racing career,” Sadler said. “It’s really helped a lot of people catapult their careers up to the next level. There are a few races that if a driver wins, owners and sponsors really pay attention too.”

Said 1990 Daytona 500 champion Derrike Cope: “When you say you have a Daytona 500 win, that’s like a Super Bowl ring.”

#0031 just after the start of the race

2009 Barret-Jackson Palm Beach Lot #416
#0031 sold from GM Heritage Collection 2009

NOTE roof Camera & wires
#0031 (Jim's) with camera on roof


#0043  Non-Graphic Car (Never prepared - the fifth car)

Owned by Daytona Speedway

Joe Kelly from Daytona informed me that the  car had the graphics package installed & it was later removed.

When George I & visited the Daytona Archives in 2006 we looked at the car & took photos.  We saw no indication that the graphics were ever on the car.  Can anyone provide information that will support the theory that the car had or never had the graphics?

We were also informed that the car was currently being used as a 'daily-driver' @ Daytona in 2006.


Checkered & Yellow Flag ending the race.

Dale Jarrett is the winner of the 2000 Daytona 500.

There was a rumor that Dale Jarrett was given a Pace Car for winning the race BUT I got a call from his people on January 30, 2006 saying it's ONLY a rumor!

#0031 - Lead Camera Car (Jim's) @ finish of race

#0031 (Jim's car)

#0029 George's Car at Daytona USA


Jeff Chew (Pontiac Racing) wrote me a note on May 11, 2006 documenting the FIVE 'REAL' Daytona Pace Cars
0029 - Split-Field Car (George) - 0031 Lead Camera Car, 0045 & 0058 Festival Cars are in the Jim Smith Collection
(0043 is @ Daytona Archives & does not have any graphics or strobes)
The 2000 Grand Prix GTP & 2000 Monte Carlo SS were the official Pace Cars of NASCAR in 2000.
Thirteen races used the Monte Carol SS
(which were NOT street legal & WERE NOT released to the public). 
The rest of the 2000 NASCAR Races used the Grand Prix GTP's.
NASCAR used 29 special prepared Grand Prix GTP Pace Cars in 2000 for the Winston Cup Series & they ALL had the same 'Pontiac Racing' graphics package.
Four special 'silver' Daytona Cars were used ONLY at Daytona & 24 'white' cars were used at other tracks.
2000 GTP Pace Car Replica's  were built
Replica Pace Cars had sun roof's - The 5 REAL Deal Pace Cars did not have sun roofs
If it has a sun roof, it's a replica

The FIVE special silver Daytona Pace Cars were built to commerate the 'First Race of the New Millenium'.

The FIVE 'silver' cars were modified by TDM as "Daytona 500 Pace Car Editions" (sun roof delete) 0029, 0031, 0043, 0045, 0058

2000 Replica Pace Cars were built & they all had sun roofs.

The 'white' Pace Cars DID NOT have some of the features unique to the "FIVE Daytona 500 Cars". (Roof rail fences, the Daytona 500 embroidered seats, etc.)

Other tracks used the 'white' for multiple races BUT the silver Daytona 500 Cars were ONLY USED for 2000 Speed Weeks.

1 of 24 'white' cars used @ other tracks in 2000
#0058 (Jim's Car) @ Daytona Feb. 2000

Dale Earnhardt, Sr. died in a last lap racing accident February 18, 2001 @ Daytona. 

These photos (taken by David Saad) of Dale, Sr. getting in the car before the race were some of the very last photos.

I watched David grow up on Half Moon Lake,WI, taught him how to water-ski & barefoot ski.


Photos in memory of David Saad & Dale Earnhardt, Sr.


Dad giving a pep talk to Jr. just before the start
The last father son talk. We miss you Dale!

#3 - We miss you Dale

#3 - We miss you Dale

#3 - We miss you Dale

Click for Dale Earnhardt's Fatal Crash with Pace Car in the last frame.

David Saad & Dale, Sr.
Maybe the last handshake - ever!

Dale, Jr. @ 2000 Talledaga

#3 - We miss you Dale

#3 - We miss you Dale

#3 - We miss you Dale

July 4, 1984 - President Reagan attends the race @ Daytona

#43 & Air Force One landing is an amazing photo.

Richard Petty wins his 200th Race beating Cale Yarbough by a fender & the President is there.

July 4, 1984 Daytona - #43 Richard Petty just happenned to win the race

July 4, 1984 Daytona

July 4, 1984 Daytona

July 4, 1984 Daytona

I attended the 1984 Daytona 500 in Februaty but NOT the July 4th race.  Jim

Petty, president, historic victory define NASCAR

Landmark moment still resounds 25 years later
Posted in:
President Ronald Reagan with Ned Jarrett in one of the Tower Wuites during the 1984 Firecracker 400 at Daytona International Speedway. (N-J file)
President Ronald Reagan, aboard Air Force One, lands at Daytona International Airport as Richard Petty turns a lap along the backstretch of Daytona International Speedway during the Firecracker 400 on July 4, 1984. (N-J file)
Richard Petty (43) takes the checkered flag just inches ahead of Cale Yarborough (28) to win the Firecracker 400 at Daytona International Speedway July 4, 1984. This marked Petty's 200th career victory. (N-J file)

DAYTONA BEACH -- Richard Petty beat Cale Yarborough by the width of his front bumper to win the 1984 Firecracker 400 and score his 200th career victory with President Ronald Reagan watching from a VIP suite.

It was a victory for the ages, putting racing on the front pages of newspapers across the country and NASCAR on nightly newscasts. With Reagan present, it gave stock-car racing a new legitimacy as a major sport.

Mike Curb helped pull it all together.

The founder of Curb Records was not only Petty's car owner at the time, but also a friend of NASCAR president Bill France Jr. and an adviser to Reagan.

Curb describes his experience on this day 25 years ago as something of a dream sequence.

"I still cannot believe it happened, " he said.

Petty landed at Curb Racing after an internal squabble at Petty Enterprises Inc. Petty had been fined for an oversized engine after winning a NASCAR Cup race at Charlotte near the end of the 1983 season.

Curb was in the process of building his own Cup team for the 1984 season.

"About two weeks after the oversized-engine incident at Charlotte, Bill Jr. called me and said, 'Are you sitting down? I have a driver I want to recommend to you.' "

"I asked him, 'Why do I need to sit down? I've had about 25 drivers call me about driving my car.' So I sat down and Bill said, 'Your driver will be Richard Petty.' "

As the 1984 season progressed, Petty won his 199th Cup race at Dover International Speedway. Soon after that race, Curb recommended to Reagan's staff that the president attend the summer race on the Fourth of July at Daytona International Speedway.

"They wanted him to do something patriotic, " Curb said.

The president liked the idea. It turns out that early in Reagan's broadcast career, he was a short-track announcer.

"He knew of Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty, " Curb said. "I told them, 'If you tell me you are interested, I'll call Bill France Jr., but if I call and tell him he's going to come and he doesn't go, they might not allow me back at the track.' "

France was able to work out the details and logistics, which included heavy security at the Speedway on race day.

Reagan, who was the grand marshal, gave the "gentlemen, start your engines" command via telephone from Air Force One, which landed here about 60 laps into the 160-lap race.

As the race progressed, it came down to a two-car battle between Yarborough and Petty, two of the sport's biggest stars.

When Doug Heveron spun his No. 01 Chevrolet in Turn 1 on Lap 156, it created a one-lap shootout scenario for the victory. NASCAR threw the yellow flag just after Petty and Yarborough screamed past the finish line.

"I happened to be leading, and Cale was running second so we come down to I guess three laps to go and as we came across the start/finish line and that's when we raced back to the flag, " Petty said. "So, Cale and myself knew that this was the last lap."

Yarborough passed Petty for the lead going into Turn 3 on Lap 158, but when Yarborough's Chevrolet washed up the banking, Petty was able to pull even with his stock-car nemesis.

"I pulled in beside him, and we are hung side-by-side going into Turn 4, into four, down the front stretch, " Petty said. "And I happened to be on the inside lane, and when we got to the dogleg, then we both turn and my car runs 3-foot shorter than his and I wind up winning the race."

The cars slowed, and when the pack came around to complete Lap 159, Yarborough darted into the pits, thinking the race was over.

"I guess my brain blew up, " Yarborough said after the race that day.

Harry Gant was scored second and Yarborough third after Yarborough pitted.

Afterward, Petty parked his car at the finish line, and he bounced up the grandstand stairs to meet with Reagan.

"I wander up, go up in and talk to the president a little bit up there, and he's kind of blown away because, you know, we are running side-by-side and smoke is coming off the car and running 200 mph. Blew his mind. He had not seen anything particularly like that, " Petty said.

Because of the circumstances of the day, many believe the 1984 Firecracker 400 is one of the landmark moments in the evolution of NASCAR.

With Reagan in attendance, "The King" of stock-car racing achieved a milestone victory in a heart-stopping finish at the birthplace of the sport.

"In one fan vote, they had the 1984 Firecracker 400 as the most significant stock-car race in history, " Curb said. "The 1979 Daytona 500 was big (as the first nationally televised race). But this race is right up there."

Twenty-five years after that magic day, Curb remains in the sport as a NASCAR Nationwide Series car owner, with driver Jason Keller. Petty is part owner of Richard Petty Motorsports, which fields four Sprint Cup cars.

The two men reunited Wednesday night at a Daytona State College function. Petty will drive his No. 43 Pontiac during tonight's pace laps before the Coke Zero 400 goes green.

"It almost feels like I was playing fantasy auto racing, but it was for real, " Curb said. "It sounds like someone wrote a script. Someday, I think we'll figure out how it happened."


YearCar Type
1959Pontiac Bonneville convertible
1960Buick convertible
1961Pontiac Bonneville convertible
1962Pontiac Bonneville convertible
1963Buick convertible
1964Dodge Coronet convertible
1965Dodge Coronet convertible
1966Plymouth Belvedere convertible
1967Pontiac Firebird
1968Chevrolet Camaro convertible
1969Chevrolet Camaro convertible
1970Ford Torino GT convertible
1971Porsche Audi 914
1972Pontiac LeMans
1973Pontiac LeMans
1974Pontiac Grand Am
1975Pontiac LeMans
1976Pontiac Grand Prix
1977Pontiac Grand Prix
1978Pontiac Grand Prix
1979Pontiac Trans-Am
1980Pontiac Turbo Trans-Am
1981Pontiac Turbo Trans-Am
1982Pontiac Trans-Am
1983Pontiac Trans-Am
1984Pontiac Trans-Am
1985Pontiac Trans-Am
1986Pontiac Trans-Am
1987Pontiac Trans-Am
1988Pontiac Grand Prix
1989Pontiac Turbo Grand Prix
1990Pontiac Turbo Grand Prix
1991Pontiac Grand Prix
1992Pontiac Grand Prix
1993Pontiac Trans-Am
1994Pontiac Trans-Am
1995Pontiac Trans-Am
1996Pontiac Trans-Am
1997Pontiac Grand Prix
1998Pontiac Grand Prix
1999Pontiac Trans-Am
2000Pontiac Grand Prix
2001Pontiac Aztec
2002Pontiac Trans-Am
2003Pontiac Grand Prix
2004Chevrolet Corvette
2005Chevrolet Corvette
2006Chevrolet Corvette
2007Chevrolet Corvette
2008Chevrolet Corvette
2009Chevrolet Camaro
2010 Ford Mustang GT
2011Chevrolet Camaro


Daytona Pace Cars
From PastPace Car
YearType of carDriverRace WinnerSpeedWinningsCarGrand MarshalHonoray Starter
1959Pontiac Bonneville ConvertLee Petty135.521$19,050 Oldsmobile
1960Buick ConvertibleJunior Johnson124.74$19,600 Chevrolet
1961Pontiac Bonnevile ConvertibleMarvin Panch149.601$21,050 Pontiac
1962Pontiac Bonneville ConvertibleFireball Roberts152.529$24,190 Pontiac
1963Buick ConvertibleTiny Lund151.566$24,550 Ford
1964Dodge Coronet ConvertibleRichard Petty154.334$33,300 Plymouth
1965Dodge Coronet ConvertibleFred Lorenzen141.539$27,100 Ford
1966Plymouth Belvedere ConvertibleRichard Petty160.627$28,150 Plymouth
1967Pontiac FirebirdMario Andretti146.926$48,900 FordMike Womer, Chief Marshal
1968Chevy Camaro ConvertibleCale Yarborough143.251$47,250 MercuryAlan S. Boyd, Secretary of Transportation
1969Chevy Camaro ConvertibleEnoch StaleyLeeRoy Yarbrough157.95$38,950 FordFred Hartley, Union Oil President
1970Ford Torino GT ConvertiblePete Hamilton149.601$44,850 PlymouthSemon E. Knudsen, President of Ford Motor Company
1971Porsche Audi 914Richard Petty144.462$45,450 Plymouth?
1972Pontiac LeMansAJ Foyt161.55$44,600 MercuryJames Garner, Actor
1973Pontiac LeMansRichard Petty157.205$33,500 DodgeGovernor George C. Wallace, Alabama GovernorJoe Littlejohn, Former NASCAR Driver
1974Pontiac Gran AmRichard Petty140.894$34,100 DodgeMajor Jacques Maury, Le Mans, FranceBrig. General Robert M. Montague
1975Pontiac LeMansBenny Parsons153.649$40,900 ChevroletAmbassador Alejandro Orfila, AregentinaCharlie Rich (C/W singer)
1976Pontiac Grand PrixDavid Pearson152.181$46,800 MercuryGeorge C. Wallace, Presidental Candidate?
1977Pontiac Grand PrixCale Yarborough153.218$47,200 ChevroletDr. Joseph Sisco, former Assistant Secretary of StateKen Stabler, NFL Quarterback
1978Pontiac Grand PrixBobby Allison159.73$44,300 FordGeorge Bush, CIA Director and future President of the United StatesJames Michener, Author
1979Pontiac Trans-AmRichard Petty143.977$73,900 OldsmobileRobert C. Stempel, PontiacBen Gazarra (actor)
1980Pontiac Turbo Trans-AmBuddy Baker177.602$102,175 OldsmobileAugust A. Busch III, Anheuser BuschHugh A. Carter, Jr., Special Assistant to the President, Carter Admin.
1981Pontiac Trans AmRichard Petty169.651$90,575 BuickCharles J. Pillod Jr, GoodyearWilliam E. Hoglund (Pontiac
1982Pontiac Trans AmBobby Allison153.991$120,630 BuickEdward A. Horrigan Jr., R.J. ReynoldsJoseph Block (Pepsi)
1983Pontiac Trans-AmCale Yarborough155.979$119,600 PontiacDonald M. Kendall, PepsiCoVice President George Bush
1984Pontiac Trans-AmCale Yarborough150.994$160,300 ChevroletWilliam S. McConnor, Union Oil CompanyWilliam R. Howard (Piedmont)
1985Pontiac Trans-AmBill Elliott172.265$185,500 FordF. James McDonald, General MotorsJere W. Thompson (Southland Corp.)
1986Pontiac Trans-AmGeoffrey Bodine148.124$192,715 ChevroletMichael J. Roarty, Anheuser-BuschDick Stegemeier (Unocal)
1987Pontiac Trans Am GTABill Elliott176.263$204,150 FordF. Ross Johnson, RJR Nabisco, Inc.Jon Mills (FL Speaker of the House)
1988Pontiac Grand PrixBobby Allison137.531$202,940 BuickDolph Von Arx, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco USARoger Beech (Unocal)
1989Pontiac Trans Am Turbo 20th Ann.Bobby UnserDarrell Waltrip148.466$184,900 ChevroletRichard Stegemeier, UnocalNeal Pilson (CBS)
1990Pontiac Grand Prix TurboDerrike Cope165.761$188,150 ChevroletGeorge J.Mitchell, Majority Leader, US SenateAnthony J. Celebrezze (Ohio Attorney General)
1991Pontiac Grand Prix GTPErnie Irvan148.148$233,000 ChevroletJim Sasser, Chairman of Senate Budget Committee, US SenateAlfred E. Dudley (First Brands Corp.)
1992Pontiac Grand Prix GTPKevin SchwantzDavey Allison160.256$244,050 FordRichard Petty, seven-time Daytona 500 championRay Pinion (First Brands Corp.)
1993Pontiac Trans-AmDale Jarrett154.972$238,200 ChevroletJohn D. Dingell, Congressman, MichiganNASCAR legend Richard Petty
1994Pontiac 25th Anniv. Trans-AmSterling Marlin156.931$258,275 ChevroletPeter S. P. Dimsey, President US Region, MasterCard InternationalNFL Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman
1995Pontiac Trans-AmSterling Marlin141.71$300,460 ChevroletEd Woolard, Chairman and CEO, DuPontNFL Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly
1996Pontiac Trans-Am FirehawkDale Jarrett154.308$360,775 FordJoin R. Leach, Chairman and CEO, Western Auto SupplyLawrence M. Higby (Unocal)
1997Pontiac Grand Prix GTPJeff Gordon148.295$377,410 ChevroletBob Rewey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Worldwide, Ford Motor CoJim Keown (Pepsi)
1998Pontiac Grand Prix GTPDale Earnhardt172.712$1,059,105 ChevroletGovernor Bill Graves, Kansas GovernorNFL Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino
1999Pontiac 30th Anniv. Trans-AmJeff Gordon161.551$1,172,246 ChevroletJustice Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court AssociateNFL Quarterback Brett Favre
2000Pontiac Grand Prix GTPBuster AutonDale Jarrett155.669$1,277,975 FordSam Gibara, Goodyear TiresOlympian Jackie Joyner-Kersee
2001Pontiac AztecMichael Waltrip161.783$1,331,185 ChevroletJames P. Kelly, Chairman and CEO, UPSNFL Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw
2002Pontiac Trans-AmBen AffleckWard Burton142.971$1,409,017 DodgeCharles Holliday Jr., Chairman and CEO, DuPontActress Angie Harmon
2003Pontiac Grand PrixMichael Waltrip133.87$1,400,406 ChevroletJohn Travolta, ActorSinger Mariah Carey
2004Cheverolet CorvetteDale Earnhardt Jr.156.345$1,495,070 ChevroletGeorge W. Bush, PresidentComedian Whoopi Goldberg
2005Cheverolet CorvetteJeff Gordon135.173$1,497,154 ChevroletMatthew McConaughey, ActorActor Ashton Kutcher
2006Cheverolet CorvetteJay LenoJimmie Johnson142.667$1,505,124 ChevroletJames Caan, ActorOlympic snowboard medalists Hannah Teter and Gretchen Bleiler,
2007Cheverolet CorvetteCal RipkenKevin Harvick149.335$1,510,469 ChevroletNicolas Cage, Academy Award-Winning ActorPhil Parsons, former NASCAR driver
2008Cheverolet CorvetteJunior JohnsonRyan Newman 152.672$1,506,045 Dodge24 Living Daytona 500 championsSeven-time Daytona 500 champion Richard Petty

Please help me update & insure this list is correct.  E-Mail:    jimsmt@lakeland.ws


List of Daytona 500 winners

For NASCAR Grand National winners at Daytona from 1949–1958, see Daytona Beach & Road Course.
Mario Andretti, born in Italy, is the only driver to win the race not from the United States.

StartWinner's Prize
DistanceRace TimeAverage Speed
LapsMiles (Km)
First Annual 500 Mile International Sweepstakes
1959February 22Lee PettyPetty EnterprisesOldsmobile4215th$19,050200500 (805)3:41:22135.521
Second Annual 500 Mile International Sweepstakes
1960February 24Junior JohnsonJohn MasoniChevrolet279th$19,600200500 (805)4:00:30124.740
Daytona 500
1961February 26Marvin PanchSmokey YunickPontiac204th$21,050200500 (805)3:20:32149.601
1962February 18Fireball RobertsJim StephensPontiac22Pole$24,190200500 (805)3:10:41152.529
1963February 24Tiny LundWood Brothers RacingFord2112th$24,550200500 (805)3:17:56151.566
1964February 23Richard PettyPetty Enterprises (2)Plymouth432nd$33,300200500 (805)3:14:23154.334
1965February 14Fred LorenzenHolman-MoodyFord284th$27,100133*332.5 (535)2:22:56141.539
1966February 27Richard Petty (2)Petty Enterprises (3)Plymouth43Pole$28,150198*495 (797)3:04:54160.927
1967February 26Mario AndrettiHolman-Moody (2)Ford1112th$48,900200500 (805)3:24:11146.926
1968February 25Cale YarboroughWood Brothers Racing (2)Mercury21Pole$47,250200500 (805)3:23:44143.251
1969February 23LeeRoy YarbroughJunior JohnsonFord9819th$38,950200500 (805)3:09:56157.950
1970February 22Pete HamiltonPetty Enterprises (4)Plymouth409th$44,850200500 (805)3:20:32149.601
1971February 14Richard Petty (3)Petty Enterprises (5)Plymouth435th$45,450200500 (805)3:27:40144.462
1972February 20A.J. FoytWood Brothers Racing (3)Mercury212nd$44,600200500 (805)3:05:42161.550
1973February 18Richard Petty (4)Petty Enterprises (6)Dodge437th$36,100200500 (805)3:10:50157.205
1974February 17Richard Petty (5)Petty Enterprises (7)Dodge432nd$39,650180*450 (724)3:11:38140.894
1975February 16Benny ParsonsL.G. DeWittChevrolet7232nd$43,905200500 (805)3:15:15153.649
1976February 15David PearsonWood Brothers Racing (4)Mercury217th$46,800200500 (805)3:17:08152.181
1977February 20Cale Yarborough (2)Junior Johnson (2)Chevrolet114th$63,700200500 (805)3:15:48153.218
1978February 19Bobby AllisonBud Moore EngineeringFord1533rd$56,300200500 (805)3:07:49159.730
1979February 18Richard Petty (6)Petty Enterprises (8)Oldsmobile4313th$73,900200500 (805)3:28:22143.977
1980February 17Buddy BakerHarry RanierOldsmobile28Pole$102,175200500 (805)2:48:55177.602‡
1981February 15Richard Petty (7)Petty Enterprises (9)Buick438th$90,575200500 (805)2:56:50169.651
1982February 14Bobby Allison (2)DiGard MotorsportsBuick887th$120,360200500 (805)3:14:49153.991
1983February 20Cale Yarborough (3)Harry Ranier (2)Pontiac288th$119,600200500 (805)3:12:20155.979
1984February 19Cale Yarborough (4)Harry Ranier (3)Chevrolet28Pole$160,300200500 (805)3:18:41150.994
1985February 17Bill ElliottMelling RacingFord9Pole$185,500200500 (805)2:54:09172.265
1986February 16Geoffrey BodineHendrick MotorsportsChevrolet52nd$192,715200500 (805)3:22:32148.124
1987February 15Bill Elliott (2)Melling Racing (2)Ford9Pole$204,150200500 (805)2:50:12176.263
1988February 14Bobby Allison (3)Stavola Brothers RacingBuick123rd$202,940200500 (805)3:38:08137.531
1989February 19Darrell WaltripHendrick Motorsports (2)Chevrolet172nd$184,900200500 (805)3:22:04148.466
1990February 18Derrike CopeBob WhitcombChevrolet1012th$188,150200500 (805)3:00:59165.761
Daytona 500 by STP
1991February 17Ernie IrvanMorgan-McClure MotorsportsChevrolet42nd$233,000200500 (805)3:22:30148.148
1992February 16Davey AllisonRobert Yates RacingFord286th$244,050200500 (805)3:07:12160.256
1993February 14Dale JarrettJoe Gibbs RacingChevrolet182nd$238,200200500 (805)3:13:35154.972
Daytona 500
1994February 20Sterling MarlinMorgan-McClure Motorsports (2)Chevrolet44th$258,275200500 (805)3:11:10156.931
1995February 19Sterling Marlin (2)Morgan-McClure Motorsports (3)Chevrolet43rd$300,460200500 (805)3:31:42141.710
1996February 18Dale Jarrett (2)Robert Yates Racing (2)Ford887th$360,775200500 (805)3:14:25154.308
1997February 16Jeff GordonHendrick Motorsports (3)Chevrolet246th$377,410200500 (805)3:22:18148.295
1998February 15Dale EarnhardtRichard Childress RacingChevrolet34th$1,059,805200500 (805)2:53:42172.712
1999February 14Jeff Gordon (2)Hendrick Motorsports (4)Chevrolet24Pole$1,172,246200500 (805)3:05:42161.551
2000February 20Dale Jarrett (3)Robert Yates Racing (3)Ford88Pole$1,277,975200500 (805)3:12:43155.669
Dodge Daytona 500
2001February 18Michael WaltripDale Earnhardt, Inc.Chevrolet1519th$1,331,185200500 (805)3:05:26161.783
Daytona 500
2002February 17Ward BurtonBill Davis RacingDodge2219th$1,389,017200500 (805)3:29:50130.810
2003February 16Michael Waltrip (2)Dale Earnhardt, Inc. (2)Chevrolet154th$1,419,406109*272.5 (439)2:02:08133.870
2004February 15Dale Earnhardt, Jr.Dale Earnhardt, Inc. (3)Chevrolet83rd$1,495,070200500 (805)3:11:53156.341
2005February 20Jeff Gordon (3)Hendrick Motorsports (5)Chevrolet2415th$1,497,150203*507.5 (817)3:45:16135.173
2006February 19Jimmie JohnsonHendrick Motorsports (6)Chevrolet489th$1,505,120203*507.5 (817)3:33:26142.734
Daytona 500 presented by Toyota
2007February 18Kevin HarvickRichard Childress Racing (2)Chevrolet2934th$1,510,469202*505 (813)3:22:55149.333
Daytona 500
2008February 17Ryan NewmanPenske Championship RacingDodge127th$1,543,045200500 (805)3:16:30152.672
2009February 15Matt KensethRoush Fenway RacingFord1739th1$1,536,388152*380 (612)2:51:40132.816
2010February 14Jamie McMurrayEarnhardt Ganassi RacingChevrolet113th$1,514,649208*520 (837)3:47:16137.284
2011February 20Trevor BayneWood Brothers Racing (5)Ford2132nd$1,463,810208*520 (837)3:59:24130.326

† – Andretti was born in a part of Italy that is now in Croatia, but became a naturalized American citizen.
‡ – Record for fastest Daytona 500 at 177.602 mph (285.823 km/h) set by Buddy Baker in 1980.
1 – Originally started 39th, but had to go back to the 43rd position due to changing to a backup car after crashing in the qualifying races. A driver who crashes during the qualifying race and goes to a backup car, or after 2003, changes an engine between the first practice after the qualifying race and the Daytona 500, is relegated to the rear of the field.

The following races have been shortened:

  • 1965: 332.5 miles (133 laps) because of rain.
  • 1966: 495 miles (198 laps) because of rain.
  • 1974: 450 miles (180 laps) Race scheduled for 90% distance in response to the energy crisis; scoring began on lap 21.
  • 2003: 272.5 miles (109 laps) because of rain.
  • 2009: 380 miles (152 laps) because of rain.

The following races have been lengthened because of the green-white-checker finish. Note that from July 25, 2004 until November 22, 2009, only one attempt was permitted in Sprint Cup Series racing. Starting February 11, 2010, a maximum of three attempts was permitted.

  • 2005 and 2006: 507.5 miles (203 laps)
  • 2007: 505 miles (202 laps)
  • 2010: 520 miles (208 laps) (two attempts — Lap 203 and Lap 207; This was the first time a NASCAR Sprint Cup race used the Green-white-checker format 2 times to finish a race.
  • 2011: 520 miles (208 laps); two attempts